Optima Sport Arm Basis K4

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Optima Sport Arm K4 fits ONLY to our Optima Sport Recovery Boots Basis K4 machine.

The arm is 87 cm long (One size).

Optima Sport Arm K4 can be used if you experience tension in your arm muscles, in addition the arm can be used for lymphedema and head tunnel syndrome.

You use the arm by pulling it around your shoulder. Put your arm on a pillow and in a 90 degree slope.


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  • Optima Sport Recovery Boot Pro K6 is CE marked, which means it complies with EU legislation.
  • Optima Sport Recovery Boot Pro K6 is also RoHs labelled, which is an EU directive that guarantees that the product complies with the requirements and rules laid down by the directive regarding the use of hazardous substances in electronic equipment. This is in order to contribute to the protection of human health and the environment.
  • All of our recovery boots are equipped with pressure sensors, which allows you to adjust the pressure in the boot. 
  • There is no risk associated with the treatment provided by our recovery boots. If you experience discomfort, however, you should stop your treatment or reduce the pressure in your boot.
  • If you are pregnant, have an aneurysm or are receiving treatment for thrombosis, you should consult a doctor before using the boots. 
  • Note that our recovery boots are not designed for medical use. However, the boots are designed according to the same principles as those found in hospitals.
  • Recommended treatment time is 30 minutes per session. 
  • Indicative pressure recommendation:
    • Swelling (Lymphoedema): 20-240 mmHg
    • Fluid accumulation (lymphatic drainage): 90-180 mmHg
    • Hard muscle massage: 180-240 mmHg

Machine:Volt: 220-240Watt: 306 programme settingsCompression capacity 30-240 mmHgPressure sensorCord length1.5 mTube length 1.5 mBoots:Highly durable and dirt-repellent materialSBS quality zippers.

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